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deepdream of
          a sidewalk


Machine learning

Neural network playground
Interact with a small neural network for classification or regression.
Kernel methods and SVM
Andrew Ng's class notes on kernel methods and support vector machines.
Computer vision groups list
This page has an outdated (2005) but extensive list of computer vision related labs.

Light and color

Lights and shadows
By Ciechanowski
Color spaces
By Ciechanowski
Cameras and lenses
By Ciechanowski
A pixel is not a pixel
Memo on pixels and sampling, by Alvy Ray Smith


Bartosz Ciechanowski
Great posts explaining complex things. Some of his posts are listed above.
Julia Evens
Prolific tech blogger. She has a great set of comics too.
Math and ML blog. A good reference for a well designed blog.
Freya Holmér
Math visualizations, game dev tutorials and other projects.

Creating visualizations

Shapes library for Unity
by Freya Holmér
Manim, community
Community fork of 3Blue1Brown's Python visualization library.


Found My Fitness

One of the most important podcast ever created.

Hardcore History

This is the podcast that redefined what a podcast could be. Hardcore History brings history to life with cinematic quality.

Darknet Diaries

Gradient Dissent

My favorite machine learning podcast in 2021. Will it keep up the stream of brilliant episodes?

PyTorch Developer Podcast

A war diary of a developer as he fights C++ and achieves something brilliant. I hope this podcast inspires others to create audio diaries of how their projects evolved.

China Talk

I'm reducing my ignorance on China with this podcast.


Sean Carroll's Mindscape podcast is consistently enjoyable and inspiring. I find myself thinking about the ideas that come up in this podcast days or weeks later.

Now Playing—The Movie Review Podcast

Sometimes I'm more in the mood to just relax and listen to one of these episodes than I am to sit down and watch an actual movie.

Easy to listen to and possible to have on in the background and not get lost.

Conversations with Tyler

A more accurate title might be "A Barrage of Loosely connected Questions from Tyler". These episodes are definitely not a typical 2 person conversation. A consequence of the format is that episodes can be hit or miss depending of the guest. One of my favourite aspects is that Tyler doesn't push back very much when people make strange or bad claims, so guests often express a bit more of their controversial ideas than they might in some other interview.

Other episodes

Great podcast episodes from podcasts I don't usually listen to.

Other Links

CSS guide
Core features of CSS.